Robust ROI measurement frameworks that drive better decision making

Robust ROI measurement frameworks that drive better decision making


With complex sales executions running at the same time across different stores and fascias, for different SKUs and time periods, it’s important to isolate and evaluate each event and/or combination of events.

An event could be a field force intervention, retail media activity, secondary space or price promotion for a category, brand or SKU in a store for a day, multiple days or weeks.


We create a series of A/B statistical inference time series models to measure the incremental sales impact of each combination of events against a control group of stores that have no events.

  • For a continuous cycle of learning, we robustly measure the impact of all changes stemming from your strategic decisions.
  • We collect and analyse data from multiple 1st and 3rd party sources.
  • We quantify the incremental sales uplift of all activity stores (test stores) when we can compare performance to a robust control group (no change).
Our Approach

A leading-edge, robust measurement framework ensuring all store activation interventions drive maximum ROI versus client needs.

The client now has a robust ROI measurement framework that drives better decision-making when creating a store coverage strategy.