ROI Model generates over $6,000,000 in incremental sales

ROI Model generates over $6,000,000 in incremental sales


The CPG client’s merchandising store coverage strategy consisted of a legacy approach where all stores received the same visit frequency, regardless of store size or potential. They wanted to use a more data-led approach to understand the sales impact of merchandising visits.


Use the Axis DEPLOY solution as a dynamic merchandising allocation model designed to detect growth opportunities and prioritise ROI. DEPLOY helps calculate the optimum level and allocation of field resources to store level, in which the expected sales revenue impact for each store offsets the cost of deploying that resource, at desired ROI level.

  1. 1. STRATEGY – Agree on headline ASSUMPTIONS such as target ROI, scope, budget constraints, etc.
  2. 2. SEGMENTATION – Use data analytics and sophisticated statistical analysis to create clusters of stores based on similar sales rate and sales volatility.
  3. 3. DEPLOYMENT – Apply DEPLOY’s resource allocation model to determine the optimal amount of time per month to be spent merchandising in each store according to each store’s UPLIFT POTENTIAL.
  4. 4. MEASURE SUCCESS – robustly measure the impact of our model vs. the client’s historical merchandising model in a test vs. control environment, tracking uplift percentages and volumes.
Our Approach

18:1 ROI at Retail Sale Value
+1.8% sales uplift
+$6.4M incremental sales value over 12 months